I am a Reader in Organisational Sociology at King’s Business School (King’s College London). My research is primarily concerned with people’s experience of exhibits and exhibitions in museums, with occupational practice of optometrists and with people learning to dance. It draws on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis (EMCA) as well as on recent developments in the analysis of video-recordings. At KCL I am teaching courses on the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The courses explore interweaving of technology with the organisation of market interaction.

Research Themes

-exploring the organisation of interaction in public and institutional settings

-video-based ethnography


Research Settings

  1. -museums, galleries and science centres

  1. -optometric consultations

  1. -street markets

  1. -dance lessons


BSc Business Management

5SSMN221 – Contemporary Developments in Marketing

MSc International Management

7SSMM125 – Marketing, Interaction & Technology


Director of BSc International Management


Dirk vom Lehn

King’s Business School

King's College London

30 Aldwych

Bush House

London WC2B 4BG

Great Britain

Tel. +44 20 78484314